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Liuyang built up boiler installation co., LTD

  Liuyang built up boiler installation co., LTDIs located in cultural city with a long history——Liuyang,East to is known as“Animal and plant gene pool”Mount tai wai, the original forest park,North the beautiful liuyang river,Is located in liuyang sands south road313Number,Near is liuyang car station,The transportation is convenient,The geographical position is extremely superior。

  Liuyang built a litre boiler installation co., LTD2004Years5Menstruation liuyang administration for industry and commerce registration approval for the business of private enterprises。Specializing in the boiler、Pressure vessel and accessories。Is a company with more than 10 years experience in boiler installation、Maintenance and repair、Transformation of clothing...
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In the process of economic development in our country,The energy structure imbalance、The ecological environment...

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Pre-sale:1、To provide users with planar technology of boiler room layout、...

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    Liuyang built up boiler installation co., LTD
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