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      Shenzhen optical valley XunTong technology co., LTD(Shenzhen optical valley XunTong technology Co., LTD)Is a fiber-optic broadband access network,FTTXAccess network and video surveillance equipment research and development,Manufacturing,Sales and service of high-tech enterprises,The company is located in shenzhen, China,Company development goals positioning in metropolitan area broadband transmission,Monitor and videoFTTXAccess to the market,And can provide customers with complete optical fiber access network solutions,Video surveillance solutions,In expressing the intercom solutions。

      The company will invest a lot of technology research and development and personnel training,To master a few core technology,To establish a unique competitive advantage,The company in good faith,Quality,The foundation of the development of the service for the enterprise,Constantly enrich and improve the company's products,The company's products are through strict test,The company throughISO9000Quality certification,To go through

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