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Bozhou city things into traditional Chinese medicinal materials seedlings sales co., LTD., located in the hometown of hua tuo,Medicinal materials of the township——Bozhou。The company legal representative:Bangladesh air force。 Bozhou is a traditional Chinese medicinal materials distribution center and price formation,Enjoy“Medicines”The reputation。Bozhou city matter into traditional Chinese medicinal materials seedlings sales co., LTD is one specialized is engaged in the medicine seedlings the excellent company sales and after-sales management guidance,With tens of thousands of acres of medicinal herbs planting base in the country,Members of the company includes more than agronomists,The company has more than ten years experience in the field management of medicinal materials。According to the different seasons,The company provides the high quality of peony series、The root of herbaceous peony series、A. dahurica series、Atractylodes series、Shoot dry series、Wind series、Fleece-flower root series、South star series、Series of anemarrhena asphodeloides bge、Radix scrophulariae series、Chrysanthemum series、Characteristics of series of medicinal materials such as seedlings and after-sales management experience! Bozhou city into traditional Chinese medicinal materials seedlings sales co., LTD., in good faith、Focus、Pragmatic、High quality enterprise idea,Planting cooperatives and farmers all over the country and,And farmers friends set up a clear sales and medicinal materials procurement service channel,Built a broad platform of agriculture。 The company will be honest and trustworthy,Diligent professional service spirit and friends in the industry and the peasant to seek a common development road,Bozhou city matter into traditional Chinese medicinal materials seedlings sales co., LTD------Will bring you the joy of harvest!
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Atractylodes planting technology

Atractylodes planting technology
Atractylodes of compositae,And in operation、Zhejiang、Winter operation, etc。Agriculture in zhejiang province、Jiangsu,In jiangxi province、Henan、Anhui province、Sichuan province、In hunan province、Henan、Fujian, etc20Several provinces have the cultivation。 (A)Morphological characteristics Perennial herbs,Plant height30-80Cm。Rhizomes thick bulky,Just punch shaped,Yellowish gray,Stems erect,The base of lignification。Leaves alternate,A leaf has a long handle at the bottom of the stem,Leaf blade3Deep cleft or pinnate5Deep cleft,Margin spiny teeth;Upper stem petiole gradually shorter,Blade is not divided,Oval...
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