Lithium battery is specialCMC
Lithium battery is specialSBR
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Xinxiang geil power technology co., LTD
       Xinxiang geil power technology co., LTD(Shenzhen geil power supply technology co., LTD)Was established1998Years,The company set research and development、Production、Marketing as a whole,Have a high efficient scientific research、The management team。
As of the date of its founding companies committed to the development of secondary battery binder、Development and production,Daikin chemical、Dow chemical、East China university of science and technology and other production and scientific research institutions have long-term stable close relations of cooperation。Is one of the main current domestic lithium ion batteries、Nickel is a secondary batterySBRAnd suppliersCMCSuppliers,The company's products have a high school low-end multiple series。Early as domestic specialized is engaged in the battery gradeSBRDeveloped by the supplier,We have accumulated numerous customers for more than twenty years,The performance of the product quality、Stable the quality of the battery power supply by a number of well-known domestic manufacturers of recognition,Especially in the case of lithium ion batteries,Widely used。

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Lithium battery is specialSBR
Lithium battery is specialCMC
Lithium battery is specialSBR
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