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    AD1628Years,Representing the family ancestors--Deng Daoxie,Compiled out《Longan·Litchi spectrum》Before he had to fresh longan、Litchi toasted drying and stoves,Made from dried longan、Dried litchi,Find it beneficial to the storage of the fruit,And better nutritional value。After several generations of meticulous research,Keep trying new methods of production,Finally learned that bake conclusion for this product:“Quality is better than that of air is basked in”。With again“Reform and opening up”The spring breeze,Individual、Private economy such as quickly“Spring up”The development,In order to meet the needs of People's Daily life,In order to the wealth of the ancestral inheritance and experience,To carry forward;In order to keep the products in the fierce competition of market deeply the general consumer's deep affection;So,Representing the family decided to a total of unita development,To the enterprise development road………
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